Pumpkin Spice Season Is Here!

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This shirt I have in a previous design of mine, with just some glittery fall vinyl on a rust colored t-shirt. I love this one better. The saying is as true as can be for me. I am nothing if not a basic beezy. I live for pumpkin anything. Today I bought pumpkin delights from Little Debbie and also pumpkin pie KitKats. I know the delights are delicious and I expect the KK’s to be as well. There was a white chocolate version of them I will try next time. Don’t worry, I will report back!

This is the first of my “welcome to fall” showcase of my goods I’m going to be doing. While I’m working on a different little crafting endeavor while I do my day job, this is still fun and I want you to see the fun fall shirts I have available. Keep watching!

Thanks for looking!

This website is in its like third iteration. I had a devastating hacking attack on all my sites which took for very drastic protective measures, which meant wiping them completely clean and starting over.

You can imagine this has been a pain in the toosh for things like old site content. I’m going to be making this site bigger and better, so please bear with me!